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September 8th, 2011 at 11:oo am CDT

Ron Wheeler is available for seminars or speaking engagements on the following topics.  Ron has spoken at National Dealer Meetings, Industry Meetings, 20 Groups, Manufacturer Meetings, National Conventions and to Private Dealer Groups.

How Social Media Works For Dealerships!

This value packed seminar will open the eyes of todays dealer. Social Media is big and it’s growing. This seminar will make sure each dealer leaves with a clear picture of how to execute a Social Media strategy. The seminar will cover:

How To Develop Your Blog

Blog Content

Category Development

Writing of Blogs

How To Post and Re-Post of Blog




Follow Up On Messages and Comments

How To Develop Followers

Internet / Social

Email Marketing

New Customer Follow-Up

How To Improve SEO

Key Word Management in Social Media

How To Incorporate Email Newsletter

Editing and Sending

How To Tie Into Your Website

Social Tie In

Links To Blogs

How Develop Social Media Marketing

Events, Contests, Surveys, Etc.

This information rich seminar will put you months even years ahead in your Social Media strategy.

Drive Traffic In A Tough Market!

If you’ve lost that Traffic Feeling, this seminar is just for you.  We will address ways to drive traffic into your dealership today.  The buyers for cars and trucks are out there.  You must remove the obstacles that are keeping them from visiting your dealership. As the market toughens dealers traditionally go in the wrong direction when it come to advertising and marketing.  Don’

t make the mistake most of your competitors are making.  Discover the techniques needed to drive traffic in a tough market!  Beat the trend and make this a great year!

How To Drive Traffic In A Tough Market will cover:

What messages are really working today?

How do I create a message that will drive traffic?

What media should I be using in a tough market?

What niche markets should I attack?

How do I spread my money around?

How much money should I spend on the Internet?

How much money should I allocate to social media?

How can I afford all this advertising?

The answer to these questions and many more await everyone who attends.


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