Social Media Now You See It Now You Don’t!

September 16, 2010

Don’t be fooled!  It’s jut invisible.  

Social media is growing like a wildfire.  Get in the conversation.  

Today, there’s no better way to expand your marketing reach without significantly increasing your  budget.   

Give me a call if you’d like to share some thoughts or just drop me a comment.

Your RV Advertising must have a Social Media program.  Your competition is stepping up.



Achieve Some Great ROI For Your RV Advertising

September 1, 2010

One of my basic rules for social media:

  • Inject social media into traditional advertising. 

Although digital marketing might not be as old as television and radio it gives you a great opportunity to reach out to your customers.  Creating a newsletter using your Blog content will connect with your database.

These three examples are taken from a Social.Motive sldie show.  They demonstrate regardless the size of your database you can expect some great results.  Each of these newsletters would cost $500 to $ 1,000 if created from scratch.  In a good social media program they are just an added benefit.


  • Open rate in these three examples ranged from 18% to 32%.   You really should be doing this once a month if you want to effectively own your customers and grow your market share.  This is great ROI! 

If your RV Advertising agency or staff is not prepared execute give us a call.  We can get you on track in a very short time.


Adding Social Media To Your RV Advertising?… Do It Right Or Don’t Do It At All.

August 30, 2010


If your looking to add social media to your RV Advertising be sure you’re ready to do it right.  You won’t find out your doing it wrong for several months.   Avoid the frustration!


Blog Strategies For RV Advertising

August 25, 2010

The Blog really needs to be the center of your Social Media program.  

If you’re ready to integrate social media into your RV Advertising this video blog will help.

If you’d like some more ideas give me a ring or shoot me an email. 


The New Marketing Triangle For Your RV Advertising

July 16, 2010


The Master Merchandising Triangle has been the corner stone of  retail advertising programs for the past 30 years.  Inventory, Sales Staff and Advertising were the three legs to the Master Merchandising Triangle.  Each need to be in place for an effective marketing plan.

The concept is this:

Inventory:  Desirable inventory at the right price point is in place and ready to be promoted.

Sales Staff: A well trained and informed staff is ready to sell the promotional vehicles.

Advertising:  An attention getting  message and a good buy with lots of frequency is in place.

When all of these were aligned you could count on a successful promotion. Today; however, the advertising leg of this triangle has changed drastically. When Lee Galles created PRA (Planned Result Advertising) the only marketing channels available were broadcast television, radio, newspaper and direct mail. 

As a result I would like to share with you the new RV Marketing Triangle.

The three legs of great automotive marketing are now:

   Traditional Media “TV, Radio, Direct Mail, Newspaper”

   Digital  ”Websites, Text, Email, Banner Ads”

   Social Media   “Blog, Facebook, Twitter”

   You can’t ignore  these three critical marketing channels.

 One doesn’t replace the other, they only enhance each other. When all three areas are
working effectively the integration is magical.  They grow in strength with
each other and are enhanced far beyond their singular strength.

Today, many dealers are questioning traditional media.  If you want to make
your traditional media stronger, add digital and social to your marketing
plan.  If you want to make your digital marketing more effective, get
involved in social.

One reason dealers are hesitant to execute under this New Marketing Triangle is budgeting.  

Budgets are tight and dealers are just not sure how to integrate the three.  Here’s some simple but effective advise.

  • 70/25/5 Budget Plan

        70% of  your budget should be in traditional media.

         20% percent in digital.

         5% percent in social media.

Reality is this:  Social Media doesn’t cost a lot of money just a lot of
time.  You only need to budget $2,500 to have the most powerful plan in your
market.  It’s really a no brainer.

Your RV Advertising needs to focus on the New Marketing
Triangle.  Three good legs are a lot better than two.

How are you doing on your new triangle?

RV Advertising Must Embrace Social Media!

July 14, 2010

Social Media is here to stay.  

If you think your future won’t depend partially on social media give me a call today.   800-678-7822.  We need to talk right away.  

If you want some help getting started give me a call as well.


Social Media Will Big A Part Of Your RV Advertising Future.. If You Want To Survive!

June 28, 2010


What does survival cost?  That’s what we are really talking about.    

Social Media is being looked at by many dealers as an expense they  can’t afford.   If you’re questioning your investment into social media you and your RV advertising agency need to address two questions.

1) Do you want to be competitive in 3-5 years. In just a few years several of your competitors will own the social media market.  You won’t be able to compete  for this space.  That’s right , you’ll be out of the game and there’ll be very little you can do about it.

So look in the mirror and ask yourself can I really afford not to be engaged in a serious social media plan?

2) Are you really in social media or are you just pretending to be a player. It’s easy to spot the pretenders. You just can’t hide. You’re either in or your out. You’re either doing it right or your doing it some other way.

Don’t be fooled by pretenders. CAUTION!  They’re everywhere!  They’re knocking at your door.  Many live right inside  your store.  Pretenders will fool you into believing you’re on the right path.


This person can’t keep up. Trust me. If your store has passion and purpose this individual will not have enough time to keep you on point. This requires a full time effort.  

  • After all we’re talking about survival!

I encourage you to review your social media implementation strategy.  Time is critical.  Do it right.

No imitations and no half baked efforts.

  • The cost of a great program really is not very much.

Ask yourself right now do you have the
time, resources, and expertise to run a social media program everyday?

  •  The clock is ticking. 

STOP asking yourself how can I afford social media and start asking how can I NOT afford social media.