RV Advertising: 100 Motor Home Leads In 10 Days

April 12, 2010

Numbers like these seem unreasonable today.

The market has just shrunk to the point this type of traffic isn’t possible right?

The answer is a big fat NO!

The numbers are in your favor. Motorhomes haven’t lost their appeal. In fact the desire to use one is only growing. There is a also a market out their of motorhome wanta-bees waiting for you to make them an offer that allows them to say YES! 

Industry Insights had this to say about fractional jet ownership.

As the fractional companies grew, the number of clients grew faster.

According to Wichita-based AvData, the number of fractional shares held by shareholders increased from three in 1996 to 4,731 in 2001. 

The potential is even greater for the RV industry.  To drive this kind of motorhome interest you’ll have to open your mind to fractional ownership.

This proven concept has finally made it’s way to the RV industry. The time is right.

Fractional ownership has made a huge impact in the aviation and marine industry. It’s opens the door to an incredible market expansion.  

  • It also gives you a marketing dream!
  • A competitive edge!  
  • Something unique to your dealership!

If all these positive things have perked your attention the profit and cash flow will knock your socks off.

The company making this a reality for the dealers and motor home lovers is FlexRV.

The benefits for the consumers is really outstanding and create the type of traffic numbers displayed above.

The only disclaimer to those number is they happen in just the first 10 days of marketing this for a local dealer..  

 If you’re a manufacturer this seems like an opportunity you want to be able to offer your dealer body.  Check it out… FlexRV!

Take a look and let me know  what you think. 



It’s Time To Put Video Email In Your RV Advertising

March 30, 2010

You know by now  that emailing to your customer base is one of the best ROI activities you can put into your monthly marketing plan.  

You also know how to buy targeted lists for direct mail.  

“But are you aware that you can now buy filtered email lists?”



It’s true GM’s and Dealers are  learning that you can now filter email lists in your market with the same filters used in direct mail.  

The filters are endless eg. age, income or credit scores even RV Owners and enthusiasts.   So if you’re  wanting to drive traffic to your dealership but have worn out direct mail try video email as a new marketing tool.

 In fact, if you run the numbers, the cost comparison is a little scary.  Lets say you want a simple list of  RV Owners in your market area.  You have a budget  of $3800 for your direct mail piece.  Your completed piece costs 76 cents a piece mailed first class.  For this price you’ll get around 5000 pieces.

  • For the same $3800 you maybe shocked with  how much you get with  video email.  First, you’ll get a list of RV Owners.  Second, you’ll get 20,000 emails mailed out twice.  Thats a total of 40,000 emails sent to RV Owners in your market area.

Next, you’ll get a custom email piece with a custom landing page for the offer.  

When your prospect hits the landing page you’ll  have a variety of short videos selling your offers and your dealership.

This intrusive use of video is a strong dealership traffic builder.  You put the use of audio and video into the equation.  These two powerful tools will influence one’s behavior at a greater rate than standard text.

The fun you can have with your message is up to you and your RV Advertising Agency.  So as you plan events in the coming months consider using conquest email marketing.  The numbers are in your favor.


Why Cable TV Hasn’t Worked Well For RV Advertising

March 2, 2010

Cable Television has been a mystery to RV Advertising agencies and dealers since its inception.

It’s my guess many TV have been crushed in frustration!

   Rarely have dealers seen positive results and have conclude that the audience dynamics of cable  are not conducive to a short-term retail strategies.

The Fact is perception and reality don’t match up.

It’s not that the cable audience is elusive, it’s that most dealer’s cable buys are 75% off target.  How can this be?  It’s simple, the networks being chosen and bought for the wrong reasons.  So the perception is cable doesn’t work.  

But, the reality is the tool is being used improperly.

75% Off Target

The spreadsheet above shows a typical buy based on traditional influences and one based entirely on lifestyle media.  You can quickly see that Advantage Media (lifestyle buying) is the way to go when wanting to drive traffic to your dealership

Your customers have a unique lifestyle pattern.  Demographics simply don’t allow you to target your customers and people who look like them.  Lifestyle buying is based on the simple truth that birds of a feather flock together.  Talk to your birds with frequency and the hunt will be much more rewarding.

The fact is that most dealerships are influenced by the media rep or their own perception of stations.  It’s this subject approach that leads to wasted ad dollars.  The lifestyle of your customers will drive their viewing habits.

Why leave this up to guessing when you can do a simple lifestyle study that begins with your customer base.

The above example is unfortunately all too common.  With over 30 such studies behind me the results speak for themselves. 

For more on lifestyle marketing go to:  Lifestyle Marketing Should Be At The Heart of RV Advertising

Let me know what you think.  Do you agree?


Re-Target Your RV Advertising With Targeted Banner Ads

February 27, 2010

Re-targeting has to be one of the best online RV Advertising tools available to the dealer.    

Re-targeting simply means following people around the web that have been to your website with an online ad from your dealership.

Remember you have two types of visitors to your website.  Those that are going to buy from you and those that choose to buy from someone else.  Re-targeting will help you capture more overall buyers.

Statistically anyone going to your website  is an active shopper. 

If they follow the trend they have visited several RV related sites before landing on yours.  

When they land on your site ask yourself these questions.

1) How valuable are they to me?

2) Do I have an investment in this shopper?

3) Do I really want their business?

The answer is yes they are very valuable to you.  They have raised their hands as someone who is in market.

Yes, you have invested money in them.  They found your site so you have made an investment in them.

Finally, do they really know you want their business?  This is usually a NO!  

That’s where Re-Targeting comes in.  You can place strategic ads in front of these individuals reminding them of why they should do business with you.  Keep your value proposition in front of them.

It’s a prospect list you want to stay in front of at all costs!

The key to making these ads really payoff is the creative.  These ads need to reinforce your unique selling propositions.  Here are some examples.

  • Easy Financing
  • Priority Service
  • Free Storage
  • Top Dollar For Your Trade
  • We’ll Buy Your Trade
  • 30% Off
  • After The Show Specials

Try to stay away from price points.  Don’t let your RVAdvertising agency push you in this direction. They have either gotten a price or they’re already in the process of getting one.  Use this opportunity to sell your brand and your dealership.  

Re-targeting is a small expense to track these valuable prospects.  Give yourself a competitive edge over you competition. 

Let me know if you think you’re being Re-targeted.  I know I have been.