RV Advertising and The New Google Search

December 9, 2010


 Google Has Combined It’s Local Map Search With Organic Results!

If  you haven’t noticed yet the Google map has been pushed to the right side of the screen above the sponsored links. Businesses no longer are listed directly to the right of it. Moving the map to the right has allowed the organic results to move up.
This is an effort by Google to put more emphasis on local searches.  Place Searches will become a big player in your future.
 If a business that’s listed well in the organic results has a Google Places account set up, its listing will be enhanced from the photos, reviews and contact information pulled from Google Places. 
You’ll also notice on the left side of the page, beneath some of the organic search listings a button that say Places.  If a consumer clicks on this bottom they’ll see all the Google Places Results.  
Important to notice the review sections here.  This is going to become really important to you!

So how does this effect you…

  • Since you do business locally you need to get all over Google Places.
  • Traditional search engine strategies (Bloging for one) that help a website rank high will have more importance.  
  • Reviews will be easier for consumers to find. You must work on good Customer service and getting reviews published.
  • You may see less website traffic because addresses and phone numbers are easier to find in the search engine results. .

What the Dealer Should Do?

It will be hard for you to rank well for local search without a well-optimized website, a claimed optimized Google Places page and social media program centered around a blog.

  • Set up or claim your Google pages/local account at http://bit.ly/gooclaim. Fill out your listing as completely as possible, including images. Add as many categories as you can (five as of now).
  • Start asking people to leave reviews on your Google Places page as well as on third-party sites.
  • If you don’t have a social media program get one started today!
 Google is making “local and relevant” a priority.  If you need some help with your RV Advertising  give us a call.
Thanks to Streamcompanies.com for the their insight in this subject.


RV Advertising: Technorati Will Add Value To Your RV Blog.

February 26, 2010

It’s time to think about TAG!

One thing for sure, social media is thriving in the RV space because RVer’s want to interact with RVer’s.  

We know RV consumers want to share opinions and experiences.

 Technorati will help you connect with people searching for content like yours.

What isTechnorati? ……..Technorati is a search engine for blogs.  

As your blogs are written and published  your key phrases need to tagged to the content of your blog.  As people search opinions on a given subject your blog has the opportunity to be discovered if  you have tagged it properly.

This will help you search out content for your blog as well.  Find blogs that spur your thought process. 

It is important to remember when writing  your blogs or if your RV Advertising agency is assisting in drafting your blog be sure key words are included in your content. If it appears in your content then it can appear as a tag.

To give you an idea here are the most popular tags for the letters A-C for a recent  month on Technorati.  

You can see the rest of the popular tags used on Technorati.com.


apple android amazon american league advertising australia aol adobe allen iverson arsenal africa al qaeda aids adam wainwright afghanistan army avatar andre iguodala


blogging business berlin barack obama browsers brian kelly blogging during crises brendan haywood bing baseball baltimore ravens barnes noble blogging and the bottom line bad ideas blake gopnik


celebrity christmas crunchpad cnn china charlie weis california carrie prejean cloud computing canada cyberbullying cricket children cleveland browns copenhagen charlize theron car crash chrome cincinnati crime college curtis granderson career search career search advice corporate blogging conspiracies cloud hosting

Technorati is another great tool for the RV social media space.  

What do you think are the best tag words for an RV dealership?  Let me know I am compiling a list to share at a later date.


How To Use Contextual Ads In Your RV Advertising

January 31, 2010

With the growing interest in RVing and pent up demand Contextual Campaigns sound like a no brainer.


Contextual Campaigns match keywords in your ad to keywords in articles on the web.  When a key trigger word or phrase is identified, your ad pops up in the article being read.  

This is a great way to target shoppers on the internet.  But there are some things to look out for.

For example, let’s say you want to run  a campaign on camping and you select camping as your trigger word.  

Sounds like a good idea.  An outdoor enthusiast is reading an article on camping  and boom your ad appears.

You let this valuable prospect see your ad on how easy and affordable camping is with you.

STOP!   You want your ads appearing next to appropriate articles.  Camping is way to broad.  Suppose an article was published on a local mugging.  The article talks about how the suspect was camping out near the local college.  The use of the word camping  is way too loose.  

  • The design of a good contextual marketing program is that your ad appears next to articles that are relevant to your prospects.

Do a test yourself.   Look at the example about and see if you can pick out the key trigger word.

Here’s a good tip for your RV ad agency.  Locate sites you would like your ad to appear on and look for unique words and phrases that are used frequently on these sites.   After this process you might choose outdoor camping, motor home camping or family camping.    

If you target a product name  you run the risk of being up next to anyone who mentions that name.  Imagine where you could end up targeting the name Montana.   This is not the targeted contextual marketing you signed up for.

Better solution is to mention Montana 5th Wheel.

Do a little research and  your ROI on contextual marketing will be much higher.  Yes, we want impressions but the more we can target the better.  Used properly this is a great tool for the RV dealer.

Let me know if you have tried this great tool or would like more information on it.