Marketing Is About To Get Really, Really Hard!

August 22, 2011

Put a Post-It note right where you can see it and write down:

Marketing Is About To Get Really Hard!  What Am I Doing About It?

It’s the calm before the storm.  

Are dealers about to be caught unprepared?  The answer is a resounding YES!

If you thought marketing was challenging in 2009 watch the next few years closely!


There’s a dealer or two in your market who is preparing to dominate your market.  They’re developing an integrated marketing strategy that focuses on relevancy.  They understand the change in the air.

Here’s what they know!  The market place wants you to be relevant to their information needs and their communication preferences.

Many experts are calling it circle marketing or small town marketing.  Either way the consumer wants more relevant information and on their terms. 

For example this is going to affect:

  • How you approach Google Ad Words
  • Where you send  your consumers
  • What offers  you make
  • How you connect via Social Media, Digital or Traditional Media

Every message and path needs to be Integrated!

Social Media has forever changed the landscape.  It has empowered people to get relevant information and to share their experiences.  They’ve  discovered they can dictate how they wish to be communicated with.

Stop and write down  Social Media is my friend not my enemy.  It’s the missing link.  The link that will allow you to fully integrate your marketing efforts.  It will allow you to reach the circles and to be the leader in small town marketing.

Don’t think I’m talking about Facebook.  Facebook is only a tool.  I’m talking about the entire social media world.  It’s a place not a tool.

Integration strategists understand by expanding your frequency and interaction between media channels,  you’ll expand both your reach and your frequency while maintaining your brand and retail message.

Remember this>>> “The early adopters of integration strategies are thrilled about the reluctance of it’s competitors to keep pace.”

Don’t stick your head in the sand.  Marketing is about to get REALLY, REALLY HARD!

If your  RV  ad agency is not taking to you about integration they might just be too old school.  Don’t let their lack of vision affect your future.  Ask about small town marketing. Ask about relevancy.  

Give me a shout if you want to talk integration.. I love it!


Avoid Big Pot Holes To Insure Social Media Is A Productive Part Your RV Advertising Plan

May 6, 2010

I’ve collected some really valuable tips you’ll want to keep handy if you want social media to be a productive part of your marketing plan.  There are big pot holes awaiting anyone new to this explosive media.  

So let me save you some pain and frustration.  

  • There maybe several right ways to use social media but the one wrong way is to use it as a form of retail advertising. Social media is relationship selling! 
  • Your internet or IT person may not be the best suited person to lead your social media effort.  He she may know a lot about computers and the internet but this doesn’t transfer to social media.  Do they understand Marketing and Social Media interaction.
  • When it comes to Social Media content is king.  It has to be engaging and interesting.  It has to be relevant.  Through blog research you can find plenty of content to stimulate your writing.  But the blog is KING!
  • Twitter and Facebook are just tools. They don’t represent being in social media.  Perhaps from a social level they do but not from a marketing level.  Don’t forget your marketing hat when you address the opportunities in social media.
  • Market Saturation is on the way.  Good saturation and bad.  Bottom line is you don’t want to wait any longer.  Don’t let anyone talk you into sitting on the side line.  The longer you wait the more difficult it’s going to be to gain traction and gain valuable market share.
  • The journey begins the day you start.   You must understand social media never sits still.  You have to commit to staying  up on the trends of social media.   My blog is designed with one purpose and that’s to help keep up updated on many marketing and advertising topics.  Social Media is a big topic so I suggest  you subscribe or do an RSS feed.

These tips are very important to any successful start up into Social Media.

Be sure your staff or RV Advertising agency keeps you out of these big potholes.  

You can’t on the fact your competitors will be hitting them head on.


RV Advertising and Facebook Ads!

April 20, 2010

Is this a good idea?  Well that depends!

 The value of any ad is based on the strategy and the intent of  the ad.

NOTE:  If you’re not engaged in social media with the right platform facebook ads will be on no value to you.

Here’s what you get straight from facebook

Connect with Real People

  • Filter  your target audience from over 400,000,000 facebook userws
  • Offer a relevant value to your target audience for increased success
  • People respond to relevant content

Create Your Facebook Ad

  • Ads are easy to create
  • Advertise your own web page or something on Facebook like a Page or an Event.
  • Choose to pay per click (CPC) or impression (CPM) in your local currency.

Optimize Your Ads

  • Track your progress with real-time reporting.
  • Gain insight about who’s clicking on your ad.
  • Make modifications to maximize your results.

Here is the main reason I think this can work for you and your dealership!  Below are the list of filters you can use.  

Target Your Audience By:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Keywords
  • Education
  • Workplace
  • Relationship Status
  • Relationship Interests
  • Languages

I have used this program with good success.  The costs are very reasonable.

But like anything involving your RV advertising make sure it is well thought out  before you spend any money. 

It is not a silver bullet!   Just another good tool.


How Much Are facebook Fans Worth To Your RV Advertising Budget?

April 19, 2010

Let’s do the math!

 According to a recent study by Virtue your facebook fans is worth $3.6 to you in advertising value.  This is a general number and in a niche market like RVing the number is higher.

 A general wall post to a fan ratio has been determined to be equal to a 1: (.96 ratio).  The actual range is .44 to 3.6 depending on the niche market.  We’ll use a 3:1 ratio since RVing is the ultimate niche market.

 This means one fan is equal to three impression with each wall post.

If you have a two wall post strategy you would double the impressions.  So what is a fan worth to an RV dealer?

 Here’s an example:

 2000 fans = 6000 impressions

6000 impressions x 2 posts per day x 30 days = 360,000 impressions

360,000 impressions / 1000 x $5 CPM =  $1,800 worth of monthly value  or

$21,600 annually.

 With good content you can hope to even double this number.

 This means you could actually be getting close to $43,000 worth of on line value.

 This means each fan in a well executed social program could be worth 2000 / $43,000=  $25.50

 Bottom Line: More Fans More Value. 

  So the more fans you add the more you increase your marketing value.

 Your out of pocket cost stays about the same.

 Remember, this is just one value point of a strategic social media program.  Who ever is doing your RV advertising  should be aware this additional value:

  •  Twitter Impressions
  • SEO Rankings
  • Pubic Relations
  • Word of Mouth
  • Media Connections
  • Re Posts
  • Re Tweets

 What is the overall value of a strong social program? 

Let me know what you think and I’ll tell you what I think.

 But lets just say the advertising value of social media should be very easy to justify!

 This is one opportunity you just shouldn’t miss!


Lifestyle Marketing Should Be At The Heart Of RV Advertising

March 1, 2010

 People buy RV’s for many reasons.  The overwhelming reason is they have the same lifestyle.  Lifestyle marketing is the most under used tool in RV Advertising.   

Clearly, no one has taken the time to explain to you how today’s technology, the access to data and  reduction of costs can provide you the opportunity to improve your advertising through lifestyle marketing. 

Back in the good ole days you had only 6 broadcast television stations and you could buy enough TV to saturate the market.

Today trying to saturation your market is very difficult because there are  hundreds of media outlets.  Yet the media continues to present analysis from the same boring  demographic position.  You know what I mean, one size fits all.  Demographic of adults 25-54 will match about every product being sold today.  

So what come into play next is peoples opinion.   This input into media selection usually provides for  an interesting and usually poor outcome.  I know many of you have fallen into this trap!

So why hasn’t the media taken lifestyle marketing to the market?  

Well the short answer is they haven’t had to.  

You haven’t required them to act any different. The one size fits all demographic presentation works for any type of business so it doesn’t focus on the lifestyle of your customers.

Lifestyle marketing begins and ends with the people who have bought from you.  

You have in your data base the perfect picture of the people most likely to do business with you.  

Their profile can be matched household by household to provide you with an audience of  clones.  

If you want to drive more dealership traffic then simply talk to the people most likely to do business with you.

The ROI for demographic buying gets more difficult every year.

 Given a choice to drive more dealership traffic without spending more money is a no brainer.  Lifestyle media buying can be implemented quickly.  Why wait?  Your burning dollars if  you don’t!

30% Improvement!  Go getter done.


RV Advertising Is More and More Digital

February 12, 2010

A special note to any small or large dealerships.

This post should motivate you to get in the game. 

This is a prime time for your dealership  to excel. 


According to Forrester consumers now spend nearly as much time online as they do watching TV.

Just think of the possibilities of reaching your best prospective clients online.

The playing field is pretty level here.  Take Charge!

Razorfish “Digital Brand Experience Survey” shows that even though consumers are more empowered than ever before, they still desire a relationship with a brand, and a brand has a major say in that relationship.

In order to do this you have to start thinking of two way dialogue instead of a one way conversation.  Traditional advertising is a monolog and the social world is a conversation.

I’m grateful to my friend Michael Gass who passed on this Razorfish research and his key takeaways:

Consumers are not shutting out brands – they’re interacting with them. 77% of consumers surveyed have watched a commercial or video advertisement on YouTube with some frequency; 69% have provided feedback to a brand, either through a website or a third-party service like; 65% have played a branded browser-based game. Moreover, 70% have participated in a brand-sponsored contest or sweepstakes.

Digital experiences create customers. The overwhelming majority of consumers who actively engage with a brand in digital fashion are much more inclined to purchase products and recommend the brand to others.

Digital can make or break a brand. 65% of consumers say that a digital experience, either positive or negative, changed their opinion of a brand.

Of those, 97% said that their experience influenced whether they eventually purchased from the brand.

This is the year of the brand fan. According to this study, 40% of consumers have friended a Facebook brand page, and 26 % have followed a brand on Twitter.

If  Social Media is not in your plans this research should scare you to death! The good news it’s not too late too late to get in the game.  In fact start today and you can be way ahead of your competition.  But, make sure you get with an ad agency that understands social media and how to execute.  It’s easy to go down the wrong path.  Look closely because most have no idea.


Do You Have What It Takes To Learn More About RV Advertising?

January 26, 2010

Learn! Study! Grow!

 We hear it everyday but in this world of communication on steroids you need rededicate yourself and engage it.  We all have to learn and study everyday.  

Put this quote to memory and make all you employees do the same.  “Learners will be uniquely qualified for success and those that have not learned will fail faster than ever before.”

The question is simple; Are  you going to be a constant learner or not?  It’s only your future!

I have great respect for Tim Williams.  He is the author of the book Take a Stand for Your Brand, an important read for every small-to mid-size agency CEO.  In a recent Advertising Age article he writes,

“… we’re at the nexus of the Great Recession and the Great Transformation of Marketing.  In circumstances like these, a strategy of “just try harder” won’t take you very far.”

Here are several ideas I have paraphrased from Tim’s article and applied to driving dealership traffic.

  •  You can no longer just watch the changes occurring , you have to engage.  If you wait you’ll  just fall behind the leaders even further.
  • A digital plan is just need a plan and it starts with digital competency.
  •  You can no longer have the  focus of your message be  “one to many” you have to make it “one to one.”
  •   Don’t focus only on brand-to-consumer communications at the expense of consumer-to-consumer communications.
  •  You can track everything so don’t be caught with a lack of analytics and tools to measure your effectiveness.
  •  Everything you do should be connected to other forms of advertising.  Don’t ever let one piece  stand alone.
  •   Change your perspective today from just placing media to creating media.
  •  Don’t hold your hopes out for one big idea but think in terms of “big multi-channel ideas.”
  •   You have to allocate  more money to creative and creative media and not just media.

Extra Credit:  Beginning 2010 you must have a plan that includes social media as a primary component to generate more dealership traffic.