RV Advertising Should Start With Branding

February 15, 2010

If you want your advertising dollars to go further you need to be sure your branded.  Branding your dealership is not rocket science.  All you need is a few instructions and you can get started today.  Branding your dealership, actually translated, means having a consistent message presented in a familiar fashion.

  Branding is about relationships.

With the growth of social media branding is even more important to your dealership.

Branding doesn’t mean you are giving up on  retail advertising.  In fact, it is quite the opposite.  Good branding simply means your retail advertising will be even stronger.

In fact, the worst branded dealership is better than the dealership with no brand.

It’s easy to get started but it requires a little work on your RV ad agency.   I suggest you do this with a series of focus group.  For a brand to work it needs buy-in and the quickest way to do this is by inclusion.

Here’s how you  get started.

  • Have an independent representative conduct the focus groups.
  • Schedule a series of 25 minute meetings.  Depending on the size of your store, I would suggest having one for sales, service, office personnel and one for managers.
  • In the first three focus groups no managers are allowed.  This gives everyone permission to speak freely.  The facilitator will ask a series of open ended questions about the dealership. These questions will focus on what’s good in their opinion and what’s bad when it comes to all areas of the dealership.
  • These will all be listed on white sheets.  After about 10-15 minutes you’ll have a significant list of positive and negative items.  The group is then asked what are the positive assets of the dealership.
  • These assets are listed on a sheet titled you got it assets.  Some of these assets might be things you are currently doing and some might have a little dust on them.  But overall, the staff believes they are assets.
  • After the assets are agreed upon you choose only the assets you believe are unique to the dealership.  This list rarely gets as high as six and many times it is as few as 2 or 3.
  • After each meeting goes through this process, including the mangers, you have four sheets of unique assets.  In the final meeting with  the mangers you reveal all the asset sheets for them to review.  This allow for some deeper thoughts by the managers.
  • It’s these unique assets that will drive your point of view.  Your point of view is also called a slogan by many.  It should drive the theme of your marketing and be able to include your unique assets.

Build you brand and increase the effectiveness of your marketing dollars.

Let me know if you have any thoughts on this process.  I’ve conducted it over 200 times and it really works.



Free Posting Sites Are A Must For RV Advertising

December 18, 2009

Free posting sites, led by Craigslist, have 3 times the traffic that “pay for” sites have.

Here’s some data regarding the automotive industry  I think you should be aware of.  Millions and millions have been spend by third party pay advertising sites in the car business.  But free posting sites have 3 times the traffic.  

Yes, you heard me right three times the traffic of paid sites.   And yes they’re  free for dealers to use.  I think it is important to note we are talking about active car shoppers interested in a car.  These are in market shoppers taking the time to go on the internet and shop.  These free sites are becoming a habit of buyers in general.  My guess is the RV traffic is a lot higher than you can imagine.  Take a look at these numbers.

So why are dealers not taking advantage of this great opportunity for additional dealership traffic?  Well  it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Most dealers today simply don’t have the resources to maintain the daily routine that is required to execute and generate more dealership traffic through these free sites.

Fortunately there are sources out there that can help and I have found one I would like to share with you.  

Surepost is a resource you might want to check out.  

They provide a great turn key service to the dealer.  They provide some great analytics as well.

They post vehicles everyday keeping you near the top of the listings.  They also brand the each page with your dealership to make sure you stand out and are remembered.  

If you go it alone be sure to post a few units each day.  Include a lot of pictures.  Make the pricing very attractive.

Have your RV Advertising agency build you a branded page.  You want all the impressions you’ll create to recognize your dealership.

Post a few units everyday so you stay near the top and remember in many markets your posts come down every 7 days.

Let me know how many units you sell!