RV Ad Talk  is a social media campaign created by Social Motive.

 If you would like to see your business implementing the most dynamic social media campaign in your market contact Social Motive today.  

  • Social Motive is the leader in social media programs for retail business in America.  
  • We have a turn key program waiting just for you.
  • Call today for a free Social Motive demo.    800-678-7822 

Ron Wheeler is the founder and President of Wheeler Advertising.  

He began teaching RV owners how to market and advertise their dealerships over 20 years ago.

He has conducted over 100 seminars for RVIA, RVDA, 20 Groups and Manufactures.

He served as Chairman of the RVDA Convention and Expo from 2004 through 2010.

Ron is also a member of the RV Hall of Fame Board of Directors.


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