The Science behind Viral Videos

Over the last few years, viral videos have taken over and create quite a buzz on the internet. Businesses have recently tried to jump on the viral bandwagon to help market their business without being too pushy. 


What is surprising about viral videos though, is that their success isn’t usually an accident. Mashable has a great article that addresses the logistics in launching a possible viral video. The content does have to be creative, but there are much more important factors like where you launch, your target audience, and sharing on facebook and other sites.

How videos get passed around the web — in other words, how they “go viral” like the latest strain of influenza — is more a science than an art. Certainly, creativity is a factor; but there are also tried-and-true formulas for online video success. And the most important factor of all is optimizing for shareability.

For example, on average, a 15-second clip will get passed around nearly 37% more than a slightly longer clip, and Facebook accounts for three-quarters of online shares of video clips — by far more than e-mail and Twitter combined. You’ll also have more luck if you aim your clip at 18- to 34-year-old adults and/or at women; both those groups share far more video content than their peers.

They also have a great infographic that was created by Brian Sieber with the Jun Group that shows how these videos get blasted all over the web.

If you are curious about getting your own viral video up and running Social Motive is a great place to start!


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