Is Your Web Provider REALLY On Your Team?

A general rule of human behavior is when someone gets really defensive and angry they’re hiding something.

It might be a lack of knowledge, lack or understanding or they feel like they have failed.

I have seen an up swing in web providers usually the smaller ones who are becoming very defensive toward marketing integration.  They hold there web sites as sacred ground.  They don’t see the big picture and who traditional, social and digital all come together and create a significant advantage for the dealer.

What I am witnessing is simply mind numbing!  

Ask yourself a series of simple question:  

  • Is my web provider helping me integrate or are they creating an obstacle I really don’t need to deal with?
  • Can I afford to have someone not on my team?

Can I really count on this valuable part of my business to be isolated because my web provider doesn’t get it?

Here are somethings to look for:

1) Does my web provider make sure MY web buttons are above the fold on MY on page?

2) Does my web provider make sure MY social icons are big enough to be seen?

3) Does my web provider include an invitation to join MY social networks?

4) Does my web provider make it easy for me to include my social promotions on MY website?

If you answered NO to all these your web provider knows very little about social media.   There confusion is displayed by their territorial behavior.  If your RV Advertising Agency  or web provider is not helping they hurting.  It’s really that simple!



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