Social Media Will Big A Part Of Your RV Advertising Future.. If You Want To Survive!


What does survival cost?  That’s what we are really talking about.    

Social Media is being looked at by many dealers as an expense they  can’t afford.   If you’re questioning your investment into social media you and your RV advertising agency need to address two questions.

1) Do you want to be competitive in 3-5 years. In just a few years several of your competitors will own the social media market.  You won’t be able to compete  for this space.  That’s right , you’ll be out of the game and there’ll be very little you can do about it.

So look in the mirror and ask yourself can I really afford not to be engaged in a serious social media plan?

2) Are you really in social media or are you just pretending to be a player. It’s easy to spot the pretenders. You just can’t hide. You’re either in or your out. You’re either doing it right or your doing it some other way.

Don’t be fooled by pretenders. CAUTION!  They’re everywhere!  They’re knocking at your door.  Many live right inside  your store.  Pretenders will fool you into believing you’re on the right path.


This person can’t keep up. Trust me. If your store has passion and purpose this individual will not have enough time to keep you on point. This requires a full time effort.  

  • After all we’re talking about survival!

I encourage you to review your social media implementation strategy.  Time is critical.  Do it right.

No imitations and no half baked efforts.

  • The cost of a great program really is not very much.

Ask yourself right now do you have the
time, resources, and expertise to run a social media program everyday?

  •  The clock is ticking. 

STOP asking yourself how can I afford social media and start asking how can I NOT afford social media.



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