Ron’s Two Rules For Social Media and RV Advertising


Two pieces of social media advise are combined in Ron’s two basic rules of social media.

RULE #1:   Don’t shove retail selling into the social conversation.

Don’t fall in line.  If there’s one trap waiting for you in social media it’s following what the pack is doing.  This is one time you don’t want to follow.   Shoving retail advertising into the social conversation is a no win strategy.  However it is the easiest thing to do.  And like most things in the world the pack migrates to the easy way.

RULE #2:  It’s ok to inject social tools into retail advertising.

On the flip side it is  a great idea to put social media into your retail advertising plans, strategies and creative.   For example:

  • Create a newsletter using the content from your blog.  Use a software like constant content.  Take  4 blogs and put them into the one of many formats available to you from constant contact.  Then take you email data base and mail it out to them twice a month.  This amount of frequency is just fine with the type of content you’re sending.
  • Be open to adding social opportunities to your RV Advertising.  On a radio spot ask them to comment on your latest blog and you’ll send them a $100 gift card for their next service appointment.  You’ll get a new friend and lots of new opportunities for service business.   These ads can be done very effectively with 10 second spots.

Be creative but remember to follow  “Ron’s 2 Rules.”  If you or your ad agency can follow these two simple rules you’ll find social media is fun and effective.

What do you think of my two rules?  Let me know!



One Response to Ron’s Two Rules For Social Media and RV Advertising

  1. Like the idea of using blog posts as newsletters.
    when someone tries to sell me in SM, I usually end up unfollowing them. My advice is to make sure that I really want what you are selling.

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