Avoid Big Pot Holes To Insure Social Media Is A Productive Part Your RV Advertising Plan

I’ve collected some really valuable tips you’ll want to keep handy if you want social media to be a productive part of your marketing plan.  There are big pot holes awaiting anyone new to this explosive media.  

So let me save you some pain and frustration.  

  • There maybe several right ways to use social media but the one wrong way is to use it as a form of retail advertising. Social media is relationship selling! 
  • Your internet or IT person may not be the best suited person to lead your social media effort.  He she may know a lot about computers and the internet but this doesn’t transfer to social media.  Do they understand Marketing and Social Media interaction.
  • When it comes to Social Media content is king.  It has to be engaging and interesting.  It has to be relevant.  Through blog research you can find plenty of content to stimulate your writing.  But the blog is KING!
  • Twitter and Facebook are just tools. They don’t represent being in social media.  Perhaps from a social level they do but not from a marketing level.  Don’t forget your marketing hat when you address the opportunities in social media.
  • Market Saturation is on the way.  Good saturation and bad.  Bottom line is you don’t want to wait any longer.  Don’t let anyone talk you into sitting on the side line.  The longer you wait the more difficult it’s going to be to gain traction and gain valuable market share.
  • The journey begins the day you start.   You must understand social media never sits still.  You have to commit to staying  up on the trends of social media.   My blog RVADTalk.com is designed with one purpose and that’s to help keep up updated on many marketing and advertising topics.  Social Media is a big topic so I suggest  you subscribe or do an RSS feed.

These tips are very important to any successful start up into Social Media.

Be sure your staff or RV Advertising agency keeps you out of these big potholes.  

You can’t on the fact your competitors will be hitting them head on.



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