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  How Much Are Facebook Fans Worth To Your Dealership?


Read Full Article Let’s do the math   

According to a recent study by Virtue, a Facebook fan is worth $3.6 to you in advertising value. This is a general number and in a niche market like RVing the number is higher.     Read Full Article



  If Your Social Media Has You Stymied Watch This Video!


Watch Video

If you have good vision when it comes to RV Advertising but you are a little blurry when it comes to social media watch this video.  If you are looking for a plan or what a social media program should do for you, this is a must watch.     View Video



  RV Advertising: Pick The Right Tools For Social Media


Social Media can look a little overwhelming!      
Picking the right tools is not.

 I won’t tell anyone, if you are not into Facebooking, Myspacing, Tweeting or Youtubing, because it looks too confusing.   But, I do need to say…. That’s no excuse?  The numbers are staggering and the RV world is a perfect fit for Social Media.    Read Full Article



  How To Use Contextual Ads In Your RV Advertising  


Contextual Campaigns match keywords in your ad to keywords in articles that are on the web. When a key word or phrase is identified, your ad pops up in the article being read.  

This is a great way to target shoppers on the internet.  But there are some things to look out for.   Read Full Article


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