RV Advertising: How To Behave In Social Media

Wondering how to behave in the social media world?  Imagine yourself at a cocktail party! 

Yes a cocktail party.  Here’ the picture you need to put in your head.

Over in the corner there’s a group of people talking about RVing, camping and weekend trips with their family.

The conversation is very diverse.  Some are talking about wanting to get into RVing.  Others are discussing their favorite places to go and showing some pictures of their last trip.  Still others are complaining about how hard it is to find a good storage facility for their RV.

Suddenly you hear one of them say something negative about your dealership.  The others are just listening as this one individual goes on a short little tirade. 

This is social media.  People listen, talk, discuss, answer questions, build relationships and yes complain.

So here are the four ways you can react to this conversation:


1)   You can pretend the conversation isn’t going on and just walk into the other room.

2)   You can move a little closer and ease drop to everything that is being said but keeping your distance from the group.  Letting them engage and discuss.

3)    You could ruin the conversation by running over  asking  who wants to buy an RV?  Tell them the reasons you’re dealership is better than everyone else and all the specials you currently are offering. 

4)   OR>>> you could join the conversation.  Get involved in the conversation by adding insight, information, educating or just entertaining the group with stories. 


I implore you to join the conversation.  Don’t hide from it.  The cocktail party is  going on right now all around you. 

Right now the time is right for you to create a giant social footprint!  Super charge  your RV Advertising.

Enjoy this opportunity and come join the party!

How are your party manners?  Seen any examples of a party crasher?



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