How Much Are facebook Fans Worth To Your RV Advertising Budget?

Let’s do the math!

 According to a recent study by Virtue your facebook fans is worth $3.6 to you in advertising value.  This is a general number and in a niche market like RVing the number is higher.

 A general wall post to a fan ratio has been determined to be equal to a 1: (.96 ratio).  The actual range is .44 to 3.6 depending on the niche market.  We’ll use a 3:1 ratio since RVing is the ultimate niche market.

 This means one fan is equal to three impression with each wall post.

If you have a two wall post strategy you would double the impressions.  So what is a fan worth to an RV dealer?

 Here’s an example:

 2000 fans = 6000 impressions

6000 impressions x 2 posts per day x 30 days = 360,000 impressions

360,000 impressions / 1000 x $5 CPM =  $1,800 worth of monthly value  or

$21,600 annually.

 With good content you can hope to even double this number.

 This means you could actually be getting close to $43,000 worth of on line value.

 This means each fan in a well executed social program could be worth 2000 / $43,000=  $25.50

 Bottom Line: More Fans More Value. 

  So the more fans you add the more you increase your marketing value.

 Your out of pocket cost stays about the same.

 Remember, this is just one value point of a strategic social media program.  Who ever is doing your RV advertising  should be aware this additional value:

  •  Twitter Impressions
  • SEO Rankings
  • Pubic Relations
  • Word of Mouth
  • Media Connections
  • Re Posts
  • Re Tweets

 What is the overall value of a strong social program? 

Let me know what you think and I’ll tell you what I think.

 But lets just say the advertising value of social media should be very easy to justify!

 This is one opportunity you just shouldn’t miss!



2 Responses to How Much Are facebook Fans Worth To Your RV Advertising Budget?

  1. Lew Mann says:

    I’ve started a Facebook page and a Twitter account. What are the most effective ways of gaining Facebook “Fans” and Twitter “Followers?”

    • Ron Wheeler says:

      The most effective way to get started on Facebook is to find friends of friends and request they become a friend or fan.
      On twitter you can follow people and then hope they follow you back. This usually works well.
      Conducting events and contests is very effective as well.

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