RV Advertising: 100 Motor Home Leads In 10 Days

Numbers like these seem unreasonable today.

The market has just shrunk to the point this type of traffic isn’t possible right?

The answer is a big fat NO!

The numbers are in your favor. Motorhomes haven’t lost their appeal. In fact the desire to use one is only growing. There is a also a market out their of motorhome wanta-bees waiting for you to make them an offer that allows them to say YES! 

Industry Insights had this to say about fractional jet ownership.

As the fractional companies grew, the number of clients grew faster.

According to Wichita-based AvData, the number of fractional shares held by shareholders increased from three in 1996 to 4,731 in 2001. 

The potential is even greater for the RV industry.  To drive this kind of motorhome interest you’ll have to open your mind to fractional ownership.

This proven concept has finally made it’s way to the RV industry. The time is right.

Fractional ownership has made a huge impact in the aviation and marine industry. It’s opens the door to an incredible market expansion.  

  • It also gives you a marketing dream!
  • A competitive edge!  
  • Something unique to your dealership!

If all these positive things have perked your attention the profit and cash flow will knock your socks off.

The company making this a reality for the dealers and motor home lovers is FlexRV.

The benefits for the consumers is really outstanding and create the type of traffic numbers displayed above.

The only disclaimer to those number is they happen in just the first 10 days of marketing this for a local dealer..  

 If you’re a manufacturer this seems like an opportunity you want to be able to offer your dealer body.  Check it out… FlexRV!

Take a look and let me know  what you think. 



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