Merging Social Media and RV Advertising

I have found it’s very difficult for someone to open up the discussion on how to merge social media into their marketing plans when they don’t understand it themselves.  

All you need to break into a cold sweat is for someone to ask you for a definition of social media.  After you babble on for some 20 minutes or more trying your best to provide an answer, you’ll lose all credibility. 

So be prepared.  In order to merge social media into your active advertising plans you need to obtain a clear picture in your head of the opportunity it offers you and your dealership.

I frequently conduct social media workshops to help dealerships understand social media, how it will affect them and why they should embrace it.

One of the first questions usually asked is;

“What is social media?” 

If you conduct a quick search for a definition of social media you are going to find a wide variety of them.  You need to be ready with a succinct definition.

Hopefully you will find this to be a good start.

“Social media describes the consumer controlled online revolution, a fusion of sociology and communications technology, people use to share personal opinions, experiences and insights with others.”

In simpler terms it is Relationship Selling on Steroids through modern technology.

Richard Scroble states,

“The best way to understand new media is to compare it to what has come before.”

He compares the attributes of traditional and new media to better define social.  Read more of Richard’s article, “What is social media?”

In the end Social Media is the greatest opportunity to build a lasting relationship  with your customers, prospects and community.  Period!  The RV Retail business is one of the better industries suited for Social Media.  

I like this snap shoot definition helps as well:

“Social Media is the sharing of  entertaining relevant RV information, that is either educational or informative and holds value to those interested in RVing.  The content is then shared with the RV social networks you have created and other social networks who share these same interests.”

Bottom line  make sure you or your RV Advertising Agency is ready to initiate this discussion. 

Feel free to add your suggestions to improve upon what I’ve shared or offer your own own definition.

For more thoughts on Social Media go to RVADTalk.



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