Why Frequency Is The Key To RV Advertising

The question has always been which comes first the chicken or the egg?


In advertising the question has always been…..

Which comes first the message or the media plan?

It’s very close call!   But it really doesn’t matter how good your message is if the media plan is poor.

Imagine being all dressed up but never leaving your house.  No one ever sees you.

For the last 20 years I have been teaching and preaching Frequency as the key to RV Advertising.  

  • Frequency is the number of times a given individual sees your ad.  
  • Frequency is what drives home your offer to the consumer. 
  • Most research agrees that an active prospect needs to see your ad 3 to 4 times for it to connect.  

Don’t fall into the reach trap.  Reaching a big audience is ideal but don’t sacrifice frequency.

 Your job as an advertising manager for your dealership should be to get the most reach with the proper amount of frequency.  But the one un-negotiable is frequency.  

  • Choose to talk to 10 people 10 times rather than 100 people once.  
  • Try this the next time you’re at a party if you don’t believe me.  Meet 10 new people and spend a lot of time with them and when the party is over those 10 people will know your name.  

If you spend your time going around and introducing yourself to every one at the party, you’ll find very few people remember your name at the end of the night.

It is all about finding the right mix of cost and frequency.

This is exactly why I am such a big believer in Lifestyle Media Buying.  It allows you to target the right audience with more spots and for less money. 

Here are some thoughts to take with you.

  • A cheap spot that doesn’t connect  with your prospect is actually very expensive.
  • Because you and your spouse watch a given show doesn’t mean it’s the right show.  
  • Don’t let the DEAL DRUG lead you to a bad media plan.
  • Frequency is king targeted at the right audience!

So look for the unique opportunities that can offer you controlled frequency and reach. 



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