Remember This About RV Advertising and Social Media

  Social Media reminds dealerships to do the things they should have been doing all along with their advertising.

The Same Basic Principles Guide Both!

As you put  social media in as a central component for your dealership’s networking, customer retention and conquest marketing efforts be sure you follow the points below.   I think you’ll see these basic principles should be used in your retail advertising effort as well. 

  • Identify your niche and your best target audience.
  • Listen. Better understand your prospective customers and what they are wanting from you.
  • Be transparent. Put your customer first.   The success of your audience must be more important than your own.  But it goes without saying if you can help your audience with their needs you will be successful.
  • Think about relationship selling.   People always want to work with people that they know, like and trust.  Social media provides these opportunities.  It is “networking on steroids.”
  • Always lead with benefits rather than your dealerships needs.  It’s all about your audience.  What’s in it for them.  The moment you try to “sell” your dealership and products, is the moment you lose your audience.
  • Communicate and articulate who you are.  Dealerships are often poor communicators.  Don’t believe me?  Ask yourself, what do you do?  Most can’t succinctly define what they do apart from a prolonged discussion.
  • Digital Beat has 5 points you might want to review as well.  

The similarities of RV Advertising and Social Media are remarkable.

Social media puts these points into practice.  Evaluate your social media effort and see if your following the basics to success.  I’d also take a look at your retail advertising and do a self evaluation.

Get this right ( Social Media) and you’ll have a significant advantage over your competition.  Don’t  let any bad advertising habits developed over the last several years keep you on the wrong path.  It’s time to step up and embrace the opportunities in front of you. 



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