Why Cable TV Hasn’t Worked Well For RV Advertising

Cable Television has been a mystery to RV Advertising agencies and dealers since its inception.

It’s my guess many TV have been crushed in frustration!

   Rarely have dealers seen positive results and have conclude that the audience dynamics of cable  are not conducive to a short-term retail strategies.

The Fact is perception and reality don’t match up.

It’s not that the cable audience is elusive, it’s that most dealer’s cable buys are 75% off target.  How can this be?  It’s simple, the networks being chosen and bought for the wrong reasons.  So the perception is cable doesn’t work.  

But, the reality is the tool is being used improperly.

75% Off Target

The spreadsheet above shows a typical buy based on traditional influences and one based entirely on lifestyle media.  You can quickly see that Advantage Media (lifestyle buying) is the way to go when wanting to drive traffic to your dealership

Your customers have a unique lifestyle pattern.  Demographics simply don’t allow you to target your customers and people who look like them.  Lifestyle buying is based on the simple truth that birds of a feather flock together.  Talk to your birds with frequency and the hunt will be much more rewarding.

The fact is that most dealerships are influenced by the media rep or their own perception of stations.  It’s this subject approach that leads to wasted ad dollars.  The lifestyle of your customers will drive their viewing habits.

Why leave this up to guessing when you can do a simple lifestyle study that begins with your customer base.

The above example is unfortunately all too common.  With over 30 such studies behind me the results speak for themselves. 

For more on lifestyle marketing go to:  Lifestyle Marketing Should Be At The Heart of RV Advertising

Let me know what you think.  Do you agree?



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