RV Advertising: Eliminate Your Short Term Thinking

OK!  I get it.  You’re thinking  you need traffic to your dealership today.

Well what’s new.  That’s one thing that every RV business wants during  good times or bad.  Everyone wants more traffic.

The retail business leads dealers and most RV Advertising agencies to short-term thinking.

 This can be good and bad.  However, I strongly encourage you to stop and think about what I am about to say regarding social media.

In the early days relationship selling was how a dealer marketed his dealership.  Then through our help 20 years ago dealers began to use mass media and suddenly you could get your message in front of thousands of people.  

This is when retail selling took the place of relationship selling.

As time has passed a few stores were able to re-kindle the relationship based store  and turn those relationships into big sales volume.  Now that sales volumes are less mass media is taking a back seat in many stores. 

So here we are!  Back to relationship selling.   Social Media is relationship selling on Steriods.

There is no greater opportunity in front of you.

  • Facebook added 100 million users in 9 months.  
  • It took television 10 years to just reach 50 million.  

If you want to build a dealership based on relationship  selling, where you have equity in the transaction and the relationship, you really need to get on the social media program.  

If you’re one of the  first to really embrace this revolution you’ll obtain a competitive edge and your competition will not be able to recover..  

Why do you ask?          Because they’re still thinking about short term marketing ideas!

 Social Media will build and secure a consistent traffic flow to your dealership. My  guess is in the not too long future the majority of your traffic will be traced back to social media.  You may not see it all today but 100,000,000 Facebook users in 9 months can’t be ignored.  The shift is taking place and short term thinking might leave you in last place.



One Response to RV Advertising: Eliminate Your Short Term Thinking

  1. Nice article Ron. Given that a person buys on average 4 RV’s in their lifetime and they are going to want a voice with the dealer, working the social networks seems very important. At a minimum, I would even have a person scan the web for articles, blog posts, forum posts about your dealership just in case you get a chance to interact, even if it is solving a problem you wished would have never been listed publicly.

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