RV Advertising: Pick The Right Tools For Social Media

Social Media can look a little overwhelming!

Picking the right tools and is not.  

I won’t tell anyone if your not into facebooking, myspacing, tweeting or youtubing, because it  looks too confusing.   But, I do need to say…. Thats no excuse?

The numbers are staggering and the RV world is a perfect fit for Social Media.

Social Media=Relationship Selling 

The Internet is filled with people who are looking to meet other Internet users and develop both business and personal relationships.  RV Advertising must include social media!  

Businesses like Apple, Budweiser, GM and even football conferences are using social networks to build relationships and trust in their brand or product.

RV dealers are just starting to figure out that they can also benefit from social networks. But only a handful of dealers will get it right while the others experiment and wonder why it isn’t working.  It’s all starts with the right tools.

You need tools that help you execute your plan with the least amount of work and the biggest opportunity for upside. 

If you use the right tools building mutually beneficial relationships with customers  and future customers is at your finger tips.   

 The great news is almost all the tools needed for social media are free.  

The problem is there are so many to choose from.

Make sure whom ever helps you with social media knows the tools to use.  In fact if they’re not already executing a social media plan for themselves you more than likely want to stay away from them.  You don’t need that many but you could spend years finding out which ones work and which ones don’t.

Find a resource that can help you learn quickly and with the least amount of pain. 

One final note:  Be leery of the expert! I’m not sure there are any.



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