Do You Have What It Takes To Learn More About RV Advertising?

Learn! Study! Grow!

 We hear it everyday but in this world of communication on steroids you need rededicate yourself and engage it.  We all have to learn and study everyday.  

Put this quote to memory and make all you employees do the same.  “Learners will be uniquely qualified for success and those that have not learned will fail faster than ever before.”

The question is simple; Are  you going to be a constant learner or not?  It’s only your future!

I have great respect for Tim Williams.  He is the author of the book Take a Stand for Your Brand, an important read for every small-to mid-size agency CEO.  In a recent Advertising Age article he writes,

“… we’re at the nexus of the Great Recession and the Great Transformation of Marketing.  In circumstances like these, a strategy of “just try harder” won’t take you very far.”

Here are several ideas I have paraphrased from Tim’s article and applied to driving dealership traffic.

  •  You can no longer just watch the changes occurring , you have to engage.  If you wait you’ll  just fall behind the leaders even further.
  • A digital plan is just need a plan and it starts with digital competency.
  •  You can no longer have the  focus of your message be  “one to many” you have to make it “one to one.”
  •   Don’t focus only on brand-to-consumer communications at the expense of consumer-to-consumer communications.
  •  You can track everything so don’t be caught with a lack of analytics and tools to measure your effectiveness.
  •  Everything you do should be connected to other forms of advertising.  Don’t ever let one piece  stand alone.
  •   Change your perspective today from just placing media to creating media.
  •  Don’t hold your hopes out for one big idea but think in terms of “big multi-channel ideas.”
  •   You have to allocate  more money to creative and creative media and not just media.

Extra Credit:  Beginning 2010 you must have a plan that includes social media as a primary component to generate more dealership traffic.   



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