Internet Copy Points For RV Advertising

What does the internet shopper want from you?

I’m sure you have  many opinions at your dealership.

 That might just be why your confused!  

Be careful listening to opinions which are just opinions.  

Before you plan your digital strategy understand what your customers are looking for on the internet.  

I am not aware of an RV survey that soley addresses the RV dealership  but I did find one I agree with.

 eMarketer Daily has very helpfully published a piece on Lightspeed Research's “Global Web Index.”  I suggest you review this research.  My big take away from it was this:

When it come to social media you’ll want relevant non selling information and when it comes to your web site you’ll want offer some deals.   Give the shopper something for their time.

Bottom line, I think the results are easily translated to the RV consumer.   Make sure your RV ad agency is learning about Social Media and how it relates to this research and make sure your web site is selling value.

Here you go……….

What do customers want from the brands they love?

Information mostly (well, after a good discount anyway.)  Ultimately, they want value. Most importantly  you just need to ask yourself is my message relevant to them?  If it is they probably want more of it.

Something to think about as you plan your online strategy.

 eMarketer Daily has very helpfully published a piece on Lightspeed Research’s “Global Web Index.”

Actions Brands Can Take that Are Most Relevant to US Internet Users, August-September 2009 (scale of 1-5*)

Let me know what you take from this.  Sure looks like Social Media is on everyones mind.



2 Responses to Internet Copy Points For RV Advertising

  1. Isn’t it interesting that we are the “red-headed stepchildren” when it comes to marketing surveys. That said, I have to admit that there is a lot to take away from the research above.

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