Be A Leader In RV Advertising With Twitter

It’s time to step up and be a leader and point your team in the right direction.


Twitter is on the move.

Are you using it the right way for the RV industry?

Twitter itself created the conditions that has allowed users to innovate.  No one in the beginning envisioned that:

  • People would want to follow businesses and stangers
  • Businesses would use Twitter to promote discounts, launch new products and services
  • Twitter would be used  by broadcasters, educators, politicians, doctors, lawyers, ministers and so many others you can’t keep up with them all

There are not many who use Twitter the way that we do.  Make sure who ever is doing your RV Advertising that they follow this strategy.

 Our point-of-view is  that most of our followers do not care about specific conversations that I’m having.  What our Twitter followers have come to expect from us are helpful ideas from RV Ad Talk.

For our own Twitter formula …  80 to 90 percent of our Tweets are made up of resourceful articles and posts.  Our Tweets usually include just the article/post titles and URL links.

Many of these articles/posts come from my online reading using Google Reader. When I find a good post that I want to share, I click on (a tool to shorten, share and track your links) in my browser bar, configure the information about the post and publish it to my Twitter account.  If I’m finding lots of good material, I may post them through Social Oomph (Tweetlater) to be able to spread the posts over a period of time.

  I have written a number of posts, the vast majority written as a resource for RV Dealers.  Most of these are not time sensitive and continue to be a helpful resource for my readers.  I know that because of the traffic each generates to my blog.

  1. I have a number of reasons for re-purposing blog content in this way:
  2. Readers do not read my blog chronologically.  People are so busy they don’t have time.  I usually write and post at least once a day, Monday through Friday, but the majority of my readers are not reading my content on a daily basis.
  3. Most of my readers will read posts through many different channels such as RSS Feed, email newsletter, SEO, Twitter and from mirroring blog post content through my Facebook and LinkedIn accounts.
  4. Even with a large number of followers, an article that I post at 11 am on a Thursday is going to be missed by 99% of my readers.
  5. I provide links to similar articles that would possibly be of interest to my readers and try to spare them having to search for them on their own.
  6. There are often posts that I discover that I know would be of interest to my readers.  So, I will “bridge-the-gap” by specifying how this post/article relates to them.  Materials and tools that aren’t specific to my audience, I can make it specific to them.  It then becomes a resource for ad agency new business.

If you aren’t generating traffic, it’s a sign of a lack of appeal.  Metrics keeps everything on track and focused.  I check my blog analytics multiple times a day along with other metrics tools from, socialtooand Twittergrader.

How are you using Twitter?  I hope not sending out retail offers.



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