Free Posting Sites Are A Must For RV Advertising

Free posting sites, led by Craigslist, have 3 times the traffic that “pay for” sites have.

Here’s some data regarding the automotive industry  I think you should be aware of.  Millions and millions have been spend by third party pay advertising sites in the car business.  But free posting sites have 3 times the traffic.  

Yes, you heard me right three times the traffic of paid sites.   And yes they’re  free for dealers to use.  I think it is important to note we are talking about active car shoppers interested in a car.  These are in market shoppers taking the time to go on the internet and shop.  These free sites are becoming a habit of buyers in general.  My guess is the RV traffic is a lot higher than you can imagine.  Take a look at these numbers.

So why are dealers not taking advantage of this great opportunity for additional dealership traffic?  Well  it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Most dealers today simply don’t have the resources to maintain the daily routine that is required to execute and generate more dealership traffic through these free sites.

Fortunately there are sources out there that can help and I have found one I would like to share with you.  

Surepost is a resource you might want to check out.  

They provide a great turn key service to the dealer.  They provide some great analytics as well.

They post vehicles everyday keeping you near the top of the listings.  They also brand the each page with your dealership to make sure you stand out and are remembered.  

If you go it alone be sure to post a few units each day.  Include a lot of pictures.  Make the pricing very attractive.

Have your RV Advertising agency build you a branded page.  You want all the impressions you’ll create to recognize your dealership.

Post a few units everyday so you stay near the top and remember in many markets your posts come down every 7 days.

Let me know how many units you sell!


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